Florida Tattoo Laws Governing Clients In A Tattoo Establishment

(Refs & Annos)

CHAPTER 64E-28.009 Standards of Practice for a Tattoo Artist or Guest Tattoo Artist.

(1) A tattoo artist shall ensure that a customer record is completed for each customer. The record shall, at a minimum, include the following:
(a) Name of tattoo artist.
(b) Customerís name, age, and birthdate.
(c) Description and location of tattoo on the customerís body.
(d) Signature of the customer.
(e) Signature of the artist.
(f) Date(s) tattooing procedure is performed.

(2) Pursuant to Section 381.00787, F.S., a tattoo artist shall not tattoo the body of a minor less than sixteen (16) years of age.

(3) If tattooing a minor who is sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years of age, a tattoo artist shall:
(a) Inspect copies of a government-issued photo identification for both the minor and for the parent or legal guardian of the minor. If the photo identification for the minor does not show a birth date, a copy of the minorís birth certificate shall be provided.
(b) Obtain a signed and notarized consent by the minorís parent or legal guardian on form DH 4146 , 7/12, Written Notarized Consent For Tattooing of a Minor Child, Age 16 through 17 Years Old, which is incorporated herein by reference and which can be obtained from the environmental health section of the county health department, which has jurisdiction for the tattooing program in the county where the tattoo artist lives or the tattoo establishment is physically located, or from the internet at https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-01528 or http://www.myfloridaeh.com/community/Tattoo/index.html.

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