The Bet ~ Honor, Dishonorably ~ A Proclamation

Greetings. On July 3rd, 2004 at approximately 1pm Eastern Daylight Time I was chatting with my friends in a Yahoo Body Art chatroom. With the new presidential election drawing close, there was much talk and speculation as to which candidate would be the winner. During this particular chat a friendly bet was made between two aquaintances/friends who were familiar with eachother, for almost one year, only from this specific chatroom . On one side we have Tim AKA Buddha/Babylonious Monk completely convinced that John Kerry would win the next United States Presidential Election. And on the other side we had Corey AKA Monster who had a feeling that G. W. Bush would serve a second term as U.S. President.

In a very brief exchange of typed words, the bet was forged. In the amount of $100 to be paid to the winner by February 1st, 2005 (That deadline was made by Tim after Corey tried to explain that when he said "by February" he meant by the end of February), Monster bet on G. W. Bush and Buddha bet on John Kerry.

The election has come and gone and G. W. Bush was the winner. Which in turn made Corey the winner of the bet, and the $100 to be paid to him by Tim no later than February 1st, 2005.

Today is February 1st, 2005 and no payment has been received by Tim, to Corey. A documentation of the bet was made in Notepad form and saved on Corey's computer. I have used this documentation to put together a screenshot of the actual chatroom conversation from July 3rd, 2004. This is not an actual screenshot from the day of the bet, but rather an edited version of what it looked like that day. All chat in the screeenshot was taken from the Notepad documentation which was copied directly from the chat room that day. To view this screenshot, click the "Chatroom Screenshot" link below. To view the Notepad documentation click the "Notepad Documentation" link below. Click BACK on your browser to come back to this main page from either link.

This is my declaration to Buddha and everyone who was there or knew it was for real. I had every intention on paying the $100 to Tim if I had lost the bet and I felt that Tim would've done the same. However it turns out that I misjudged him. Apparently "honor" has a different meaning to Tim than it does to me. I have dropped the subject with exception of this small web page. I do not expect to get paid for this bet and I have accepted that fact.


I expected more from you Tim. I really did. Oh well.... right?


Corey "Core" Grundstein
AKA Monster


Chatroom Screenshot ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Notepad Documentation

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